The film industry in 2015

The name "tinsel town" (eng. The third step took place in 1877. For this purpose were defined borders. Reward get a star on the basis of achievements in a career in the film industry, theater arts, radio, television, and/or music, as well as their contributions to charity. Johnny Grant held this post for several dozen years until his death on 9 January 2008.

The district's population, including Los Feliz, according to the census in 2000 was $ 664 167 and the average income was $33,409 in 1999. It is a popular destination for nightlife and tourism, and also the home of the Hollywood walk of Fame. Wilcox, when he marked out their 160-acre farm in 1887.

Before 1900, the community, called Cahuenga, had a post office, newspaper, hotel and two markets, and its population was 500 people. The name Hollywood was introduced by Robertom the Johnstone Whitley, the father of Hollywood. The Hollywood studios in 1922 Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. 16 February 2005 Assembly members Goldberg and Careca introduced a bill requiring California registered the independence of Hollywood. The first steps in the animation were made long before the invention of the lumière brothers cinematograph. Hollywood is part of Los Angeles and has its own municipality, but chooses official chamber of Commerce, which acts on the official ceremonies as the honorary "mayor of Hollywood". For making cartoons were used cinematographic apparatus suitable for time-lapse shooting on one of the standard formats of film. The movie (eng. He borrowed the name of his neighbor Ivar Wade and wanted to be the first to record the name.